miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

wpListSincMapper Web Part (v 1.0) - ODBC Sharepoint List Synchronizer

Finally I have stabilized a fully functional version of Sharepoint List Synchronizer (which I promised)I have built it using Vs.net, and I have configured a graphical installer to deploy more easy.

I have also created a short step by step instruction manual but with screenshots to make it easier.

I wanted to thank the support provided by Guillermo Martin (Goyo), without which a good part of the project would have been delayed and thanks too for correcting my English.

Codeplex Project: http://wplistsincmapper.codeplex.com/

This project is hosted in CodePlex with the source code included if you want to take a look.

My intention is to create a site migrator much larger than this project(which this one is only one piece).
Thank you very much for the ideas, I'm working on some of them.
I hope this will be of much use. Best Regards, RobertoMarcos.com

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